Theodore’s Situation

Theodore has been living for the past year with his fiancĂ©, 2 daughters, and three grandchildren in an apartment in East Bushwick. His building has 79 violations which include, but are not limited to: rats, bed bugs, mice and mold. In fact, the rat problem is so bad that the family can’t leave the apartment at night, because so many of them roam the hallways.

His landlord, Austin Olatunji, constantly harasses Theodore in his family. This harassment includes yelling at them for taking showers that are too long (which prompts him to turn of the water), constantly calling the cops on them accusing them of stealing, and even threatening to kill Theodore.

Olatunji also has a bad habit of stealing Theodore’s mail. One such incident took place on Tuesday, July 15th, when Olatunji hid an eviction notice from Theodore that was slated to remove he and his family on the following Wednesday. He and his family found the letter under a car Thursday night.

Theodore also has significant health problems including three heart attacks and a stroke. The stroke left him legally blind and he walks with a cane. The stress, harassment, and deplorable condition of the building has only exacerbated his health issues.

By the time Theodore received the eviction notice, we had already been working with him for about two weeks and were ready to go public with his case. This eviction notice has put us in emergency mode. So, we’re asking everyone to come to an emergency meeting Saturday July 19th at 2pm at the Base. We will discuss further details there.